We are proud to announce the publication of our first "handmade digital book": the classic Frankenstein reinterpreted with the paintings of Frank Espinosa. Frank Espinosa has created over 60 original works of art in acrylic on paper to visualize Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein in his own unique way. These images accompany the unabridged version of the story, as well as an audio-book component, which is now available on the iBooks platform.


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Alessio D’Uva

Graphic Design 



I was born in Florence in 1972 and as a child fell into the bad company. My friends were all dedicated to reading comic books and before I knew it, I was soon reading (need some examples of favorite comics)  under the bedcovers with a flashlight.

By age 20 I was totally compromised. They say that it is just a short step from collecting comics to making them. (Oh no, my mother cried while my father sat silently shaking his head!)

The insidious downward spiral began by collaborating with some small publications. Before you could say Mama mia, I was working for Blue (Coniglio Editore), and then published with Black (Coconino).  

But even that didn’t satisfy my insatiable hunger for storytelling. I began to layout comics for anyone who asked me. Finally, any hope of redemption faded and my fate was sealed when I discovered that graphics and page editing was fun!

After that I worked with Bottero Edizioni, 001, BD, JPOP, Planeta, Bao Publishing, Tunuè, and Panini. Then I started the Intrepid Cultural Association, Double Shot with some friends. I eventually left this behind to teach at the International School of Comics in Florence and I became a partner at Symmaceo Communication and Graphic Coordinator for Lion.

Just when my family thought things couldn’t get any worse, I became a founder of Kleiner Flug, a boutique publisher of graphic novels showcasing the work of artists throughout the world.

“Who would have thought it would come to this,” my sister mused as she adjusted her headphones.





avaliable from next july

“Dracula,” Zum Zum’s new ebook will be available from next july. More than 56 full-color illustrations of high Victorian horror in ‘steampunk’ styling by Frank Espinosa.

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It’s the Renaissance all over again – only better!
Most historians agree that the Renaissance started in Florence, Italy in the 14th century and continued through the 17th century . Aided by a new availability of paper and the invention of movable type and the printing press, the Renaissance profoundly changed the intellectual life of Europe. The movement influenced literature, philosophy, language, art, music, politics, science, religion and ideas.

The Renaissance was partly made possible by art patrons. Rulers, nobles and the wealthy often commissioned work from artists, musicians, philosophers, scholars and scientists. In fact, some of the most notable artists who benefited from this support included Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi and Donatello.

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