A Short History of Bookmaking
It used to be that skinny little monks in cold church towers would take many months or even years to hand-copy a book. But then the printing press was invented and society was revolutionized! No longer was reading the exclusive province of the rich, the royal and the educated. Reading, and even owning a book, became a possibility for the average person.

The Future of Bookmaking
Before you could say Book-of-the-Month Club, libraries were being built, bookstores were popping up on Main Street, and a skinny guy with big glasses invented comic books. Who could have predicted that? Well, we’ve just had another technological revolution that changed everything - from how we read to how we exchange information. It’s called an illustrated digital Book but we call it magic!

But is an Illustrated Digital Book a ‘real’ book?
Well, an illustrated digital Book doesn’t have a proper leather cover or gold edged pages. It doesn’t weight six pounds on a good day. It can’t be used to prop up a wobbly table or be balanced on your head to improve your posture. You can’t bury your nose in it or sit on it to reach the table. Illustrations are created on a computer, not an easel or drawing board. You can’t even put a matched set on a shelf to look smart. So an illustrated digital Book isn’t exactly a real book but …

Zum Zum is not your typical Book publisher
One day a bunch of us sat down and asked ourselves, “What is missing from the typical Book?” We decided the answer is beautiful artwork and illustration – not art that is made up of a bazillion pixels or by computer generated design, but original art created in traditional media.
Then we said, “Is there a way we can use the great technology of the Book and all those bells and whistles with some of the beautiful, artistic aspects of the traditional book?” and then we all answered, “Yes!”

The bookmaking arts are alive and well at Zum Zum Books
What makes Zum Zum Books different from other books is that our artists and illustrators are creating real works of art – not digital art, or computer generated design – but art created in watercolors, oils, gouache, inks, pens, pencils, crayons, Claymation, collage, assemblage, encaustic, charcoal, photography and every other kind of media you can think of (as well as some yet to be discovered). These are works of art that can be framed and hang on the wall; works of art you can even buy if you have a mind to.

What we’re doing is capturing the vitality of the traditional media and translating it through the latest technology to bring a new magic to reading, to tell wonderful stories, to discover a new language of symbols and communication, and to present a new way of seeing books that is visually refreshing and provocative.

Zum Zum – Classics, Kids & Graphic Novels
Zum Zum Books offers three types of stories

  • Zum Zum Classics for children and adults which feature some of the most popular and timeless titles in literature illustrated by contemporary artists
  • Zum Zum Kids original children’s stories by emerging artists and writers
  • Zum Zum Graphic Novels  for young adults by contemporary illustrators and writers

With the goal of making books more readable and more fun, Zum Zum Books are designed for easy download to tablets and other digital devices. Individual titles may showcase innovative graphic design elements, animation, sound, Claymation, cut-outs, behind the scenes interviews with artists and other storytelling techniques.

Zum Zum Audio & Art Portfolios
Ready for listening anytime and anyplace, the audio books are read by a professional actor and are ideal for eyes-free use while driving, traveling, running errands, working or relaxing. In addition, audio books offer independence for those visually impaired and open up a whole world of literature.

Zum Zum Art Portfolios are designed as an artistic presentation. Depending on the title, art portfolios can also include an artist’s notebooks, sketches, behind the scenes information and interviews. To round things off, original artwork by the featured artists, photographers, illustrators and graphic designers is available for sale.

But that’s enough talking. Let’s get to the books themselves! Take a look at our initial offerings. If you don’t see a book you love, check out our Patron page and see how you can help bring your favorite story to the world via Zum Zum Books.  

Zum Zum Classics
Zum Zum Kids
Zum Zum Graphic Novels
Zum Zum Audio Books
Zum Zum Art Portfolios

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