About Zum Zum

Who is Zum Zum?
Who is Zum Zum and where does he live? No, no, no! Zum Zum is not a person. Zum Zum is a thing. Well, sort of. That’s not quite right either. I know it’s not a noun but is it verb … or maybe an adjective?

Zum Zum is what you do when you’re excited and want to tell somebody about it. It’s how you feel when something good is about to happen. Zum Zum comes from the inside … like when you see something beautiful, hear something moving, or learn something that changes your life.

What is Zum Zum?
Zum Zum is that part of your mind where creativity lives, where passion boils and roils, where the best of art and literature play side by side. It’s a creative studio, a publishing house, an art gallery, a creative resource – all that and a whole lot more.

Zum Zum is made up of people just like you who appreciate the beautiful things in life, want to create more of them and share them everyone. We’re writers, designers, illustrators, cartoonists, photographers, videographers, game developers, techies ….

What we all have in common is a love of art, a love of traditional book design and illustration, and a love of the new technologies. So put that all together you have Zum Zum Books.

Illustrated iBooks for a Digital World
Zum Zum Books combines some of the best aspects of traditional book publishing with the new ebook technology to produce what we call “the illustrated Book.”

The art we use in our ibooks is ‘real art,’ the kind you can put in a frame and hang on the wall. A lot more than pixels and vectors, or computer generated design, every piece of art in Zum Zum Books is unique and original.

Our illustrated Books have been created by real artists in real studios using watercolors, oils, gouache, ink, pens, pencils, collage, Claymation, photography, assemblage and just about any other media you can think of.

Art & More
Even better, every Zum Zum Book offers you a pass into the backstage world of art making and storytelling. In addition to the actual books themselves, we created what we call ‘Art Portfolios’ that showcases all of the art seen in the iBook as well as the artists’ initial sketches and designs. To add another level of enjoyment, interviews and background information may be included.

What will you Zum Zum today?
The books we choose for Zum Zum Books are the best-loved classics of literature as well as new and original stories for children and contemporary graphic novels. No matter what the title, all of our books can be downloaded to tablets, computers, iPhones, iPads and other digital devices so you can Zum Zum anywhere, anytime – as the spirit takes you!  

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