Zum Zum Books announces the publication of our first illustrated ebook of the classic Frankenstein. Frank Espinosa has created over 60 original works of art in acrylic on paper to visualize Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in his own unique way. These images accompany the unabridged version of the story, as well as an audio-book component, which is now available on the iBooks platform. A second classic book - Bram Stoker's Dracula - will be published later in Spring, 2015, and it will be followed by more novels illustrated by Espinosa and by other international artists.

"Classic books wouldn't be called 'classic' if they were not socially valuable in some way," explains Frank. "Most of us have a classic that resonates with us or is part of an important moment or memory in our lives." But as new books and new ways of receiving stories changes our reading landscape, classics are increasingly falling by the wayside.

Zum Zum Books believes that classics and mythology still have a lot of appeal – sometimes they just need an extra layer of interpretation to make them better prepared for the modern world. Through images and audio, Zum Zum Books brings these classics into the modern age, making a less linear and more immersive reading experience possible.

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