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frankenstein-catalogo-catalogoNew illustrated "Frankenstein" avaliable as eBook from Zum Zum Books

Author: Mary Shelley
Illustrator: Frank Espinosa
Language: English and Italian
# of Illustrations: 48 Zum

Zum Books debuts its list of illustrated classics on 2015, February 25 with the popular Gothic novel, Frankenstein. The book is available in three formats: an e-book with 48 full-color illustrations, an audio book, and art edition with 44 sketches in addition to the full-color art. “

These illustrations offer a re-imagining of the world of Frankenstein,” stated Frank Espinosa,

A boutique publisher of classics, graphic novels and children’s books, Zum Zum Books is a collaboration of award-winning artist, Frank Espinosa in New York City, Ilaria D’Uva, CEO of D’Uva Workshop and Kleiner Flug of Florence, Italy.


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Zum Zum
loves Digital Books

  • We can read in bed, on the subway or in a tree
  • We can carry a library in our purse, in our briefcase or in our pocket
  • We can learn about related topics with a click of a link
  • We can adjust the type size or picture to suit our eyes
  • We can include music and sound to the story

Zum Zum
loves Books

  • We like the way the ink smells
  • We like the solid feel of good binding and solid covers
  • We love the feel of rich paper
  • We love the craftsmanship of the artwork
  • We love the power of the stories

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