Ilaria D'Uva

Executive Producer



My father, Giovanni D’Uva, founded D’Uva Workshop in 1959 after he invented the first audio guide for historic sites. I was amazed to hear all those different voices coming out a machine and telling stories about our culture. But even more, I loved to see the beautiful international actresses who recorded the stories and then came to our home where my mother and grandmother prepared lunch for them.

When I was 13, I remember accompanying my father on a business trip to Pompeii and Rome where I threw a coin in the Trevi Fountains to ensure my return. And I have - many times - thanks to this wonderful job.

Those early years marked the beginning of my love affair with the art of storytelling. Now as CEO, I am continuing D’Uva Workshp’s storytelling tradition using the latest digital tools. We are taking the stories of the past and projecting them to the future. We help others understand what has been and to envision what might be!

Zum Zum Books is a natural next step of my passion to create memorable stories. Together with co-founder, Frank Espinosa as creative director, and my brother Alessio D’Uva, CEO of Kleiner Flug, a boutique publishing house, Zum Zum Books is gathering an exceptional team of talented artists, designers, writers and illustrators. Our goal is to create new ways of experiencing the magic of stories.

Ilaria D’Uva is the CEO and majority shareholder of D’Uva Workshop, a family-owned company founded by her father Giovanni D’Uva in 1959. Over the last 50 years the Company has been a leader in customer service, creative solutions and technological innovation for the cultural heritage industry.

As CEO of D’Uva Workshop she employs the latest in modern technology to tell the unique stories of some of the world’s most cherished cultural heritage sites such as churches, archeological sites, museums, art cities and exhibitions.

The Company develops mobile apps, Touch Screens, Audio Guides, Video Guides, Audio Tours, Augmented Reality & Computer Vision to create memorable multimedia tours and experiences that are culturally significant as well as commercially successful.

Ilaria studied media communications at the University of Florence and enjoys museums, photography, high fashion bijoux and fashion design, architecture, movies, and reading.

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