John Ford

Voice actor



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“Working in the audio book format is a little different from narration or voiceovers. With movies or documentaries I may be speaking to an audience numbering in the thousands – or millions. With an audio book I am really speaking to just one person – you! Narrating an audio book is a very personal exchange and in many ways resembles how we first listened to the stories our parents told us before going to bed.

When I’m telling you an audio book story I often use a number of distinctive voices to make each character more alive. For example, in “Frankenstein,” I developed six distinct voices for the characters. To keep the story interesting I have to adapt my reading to the mood, emotions and pacing needed to fully develop the storyline.”
John Ford has done voiceovers for animated films, home video releases, and documentaries. He has worked with companies such as Warner Bros. and Disney Feature Animations. Some of his projects have included Disney’s Meet the Robinsons.

John studied classical and contemporary theatre at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon and was an early member of the Tygres Heart Shakespeare Co. in Portland, Oregon. He is a contributor to the pop culture website, The Mung Hour.

John is a resident of Southern California and when not singing, running marathons, or counting down the days until Halloween, is an expert on James Bond movies.



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