Mary Taylor




As a young girl growing up in a small town in the hills of western Pennsylvania I wanted to have big adventures! Some of that hunger was satisfied vicariously through reading. I was mad for comic books, especially Wonder Woman and Superman, and I was crazy about Nancy Drew. My  personal heroes became the writers who created these wonderful worlds of the imagination.

When I entered the business world I became an author of sorts myself by helping companies tell their own stories through public relations and advertising. Eventually I found my own ‘voice’ and began writing poetry, children stories, creative non-fiction and essays - and I haven’t stopped since then. The most magical words for me are still, “Once upon a time.…”

Marie Taylor received a BA and MA in English Literature at Youngstown State University in Ohio. After moving to Southern California she established her career as a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant for entrepreneurial companies in a variety of industries.

She co-wrote the Warner Bros. Character Design Manual for the company’s Licensing Division at which time she also met art director, Frank Espinosa. Their partnership resulted in the graphic novel, Rocketo: Journey to the Hidden Sea and a collection of children’s stories featuring Luna Lake and Dent the Robot.

In addition to writing, she also exhibits oriental brush and ink wash art. She maintains a blog at

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